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JOG2LE trip diary

Trip Diary

We'll be taking a little time out from the pedalling to keep you regularly updated on our progress towards Land's End.

Day 8 – Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Mon, July 21, 2008 15:44

Sorry for the late posting..and lack of photos, but our ‘blog’ person was acting as taxi service yesterday…all photos from the last few days will be up and running soon.

Today (Sunday) was a good day. It started with superb service and a fab breakfast by Mr and Mrs Clubbe in Whitchurch – we can see why they are in the John O’Groats to Lands End book!

We motored on down the country today – average 15 miles an hour and very little rain!!! We even managed a quick stop off at a local pub for a well deserved drink to see us on our way! And no falling off today….

We lunched with Graham’s brother-in-law and nephew and neice (Uncle Lawrence, Harvey & Phoebe) and then onto Tewkesbury where we had a first welcome in by both our parents! What an emotional scene!

David, fondly known as meals on wheels has now departed back to Spain and we will be joined by our families for support for the rest of our journey to Lands End.

Our sincere thanks to David for getting us this far – we had such a routine going! We will be sure to brief Sophie and Susannah so as not to disturb our routine!!!

Tomorrow also looks like our first day of no rain!!

Day 7 – Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Sat, July 19, 2008 20:10

We’re over 1/2 way!

Today was still tough – something to do with being shattered and aching, but we have been reliably informed the journey from here on is great fun?!

We’ve done all the W’s today. Warrington, Wigan, Widnes and finally Whitchurch – hopefully that’s in the right order especially with Jeremy being the Geography teacher!

I think we also jinxed ourselves today. We had only commented, or rather we think our wives had commented, that in training we had had punctures, broken gears, Graham’s saddle falling off and both of us at some point falling off our bikes with these clever cleat pedals – yet nothing had befallen us on the actual route………

…..So Graham had a puncture today and when it had been fixed noticed he had a small cut in the tyre, so we despatched ‘Meals on wheels’ to find a bike shop for replacements, just in case – well tomorrow is Sunday and we weren’t taking any chances!

Also, for anyone who knows Graham’s father-in-law, guess who was in charge on the puncture repair?!!

Then…..Jeremy fell off…asking someone for directions….and toppled straight into the middle of the road. We can now ‘blog’ this incident as Jeremy has actually told Sophie of this minor misfortune – but we are all fine.

We are going to resist the tempation to turn left tomorrow towards home, but if it keeps on raining this will be an appealing option!

Looking forward to seeing varying members of family over the next few days and a huge thank you to all friends and family for the support both on and off-line.

Day 6 – Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Fri, July 18, 2008 20:47

Well….serves us right for boasting about yesterday! I think we have hit the 1/2 way wall – or rather hills…hills….and more hills….

Jeremy says his fathers comment regarding Shap was a wise one.

Not only has it rained on and off all day – we have been soaked, dry and then soaked again.

And then that dreaded head wind returned – right in our faces.

It was 10 times worse than the hills programme on the gym equipment!

Though looking at our map we should have seen this coming – the Lake District on the right – the Yorkshire Dales on the left and we went right through the middle – up and down!

Our highlight was reaching 1,400 feet today – and it was raining!

We are now shattered and ache and are tired, but I suppose we are now 1/2 way (in days) and more than 1/2 way in miles??!!!

We need lots of encouraging comments tomorrow – please!

Day 5 – Highlights and Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Thu, July 17, 2008 22:29

Well this is a first – photos and words together! This is due to David registering with Dumfrieshire libraries and booking a slot at Gretna library for this evening – good planning David!

Thanks also to Mitch Cutler – although back down in Oxfordshire, his role has changed to IT support! Without him we would not have these photos compressed enough to upload – cheers Mitch!

Firstly we have to say that you should never judge a book by a cover – the ‘hotel’ last night really wasn’t as bad as the photo below. The rooms were actually quite comfortable and our thanks to the receptionist for letting us look up our website this morning.

Our hotel last night – as you can see we were a little dubious on first seeing it!

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Today has been brilliant! We are in top spirits! After being drowned leaving the hotel – we really haven’t been lucky with the rain clouds as they keep following us, it miraculously stopped once we had left Kilmarnock?

The wind seemed to be kinder and was behind us and we clocked up an average speed of 16.5 miles per hour today. Any faster and we be hitting Tour de France qualifying times! Sophie & Susannah please don’t panic, we are NOT looking to register for next year, honestly!

Meals on wheels arrived on time for lunch…

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and after a relaxing break in Dumfries following a storming run down the A76…

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we did the last 18 miles to Gretna in a mere 55 minutes?! How cool was that? England is apparently now only 2 miles away.

And here we are in Gretna – notice we even dress the same for dinner!

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Day 4: Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Thu, July 17, 2008 22:07

Nervously snacking in Glasgow!

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Lunch (provided by Meals on wheels), eaten outside a disused factory in Glasgow

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Meals on wheels – otherwise known as David (Graham’s father-in-law) minus his wheels!

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Graham faffing!

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Day 4 : Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Wed, July 16, 2008 23:14

or low lights!

Firstly our thanks to John and Janice Christie of Inverardran House, Crianlarich for great hospitality and a wonderful B&B. Our special thanks to John for letting David (Graham’s father-in-law) loose on his PC so he could download all the photos you can see for Day 2&3!

Today has been another day on the A82 and guess what – it was raining when we left! No more comments on how beautiful the weather is ‘down South’ – we don’t want to know!!

Thank you to all of you for all your comments so far – keep them coming. Even if we can’t get to the computer, they are being relayed to us via Sophie and Susannah.

The highlight of the day is getting lost in Glasgow and not wanting to call anyone in case our phones got stolen! Oh…and trying to understand whoever we stopped just to be sure we were on the right road!

The accommodation this evening is definetly a little ‘basic’ – Kilmarnock is defintely on the wrong side of Glasgow!

Dianne – we will wave at Wanlockhead, but a little worried that you say it’s the highest ‘hill’ in Scotland – we thought we’d done the hills?

Will try and post some more photos soon….

A third of the way down…2/3rds to go!

Photos from Day 3

Progress Reports! Posted on Wed, July 16, 2008 22:57

Graham looking back in disbelief – we just came from down there!

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Jeremy looking back down Glencoe – yes we really did come up (and down) the whole range!

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Leaving the B&B on Day 3

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Photos from Day 2

Progress Reports! Posted on Wed, July 16, 2008 22:52

Canal Break before Lochness

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Crossing on the way to Inverness

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Highland Break on the A9 – no Graham was not taking a leak in the trees!

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Leaving Clynelish B&B on Day 2

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A late addition – but this is to prove our to Orie that Mitch did make it to John O Groats! Thanks to Mitch for his inspirational support.

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