After fixing the first puncture and changing the whole tyre and inner tube of Graham’s bike, in the car park of the Travel Lodge at Okehampton before we had even left, we thought that would be it for the day!…but oh! no!…..

So far that was 4 punctures in less than 48 hours – some going! It’s now 4-0 to the Maxas on the puncture game!

The Banks and Maxas Pit Crews:

We started on the A30, but decided it was too dodgy and could risk another puncture so we came off to the side roads – and the hills!

Photo looking back at the A30…

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Then guess what…5-0 in the puncture game! Yes, Graham had another puncture. The support crew was dutifully despatched – fortunately they hadn’t made it to the beach yet, but repairing inner tubes to background noise of protesting children isn’t much fun! – for everyone!

Jeremy’s minor mis-hap was removing part of his mud-guard, but this is just a sympathy vote as he is losing in the puncture game!

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The support crews were then despatched, but not the beach! They were on a mission to Launceston to find a cycle shop for, guess what?…new inner tubes and tyres – just in case! They did find a fantastic Cycle Shop – Launceston Cycles! Who are all geared up for the Lands End to John O’Groaters – the children signed the support driver log book – well drew great pictures apparently! and even collected donations! Well done guys!

And then good news…we made the last County!

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After a quick lunch stop we then motored onto the dreaded A30 to Bodmin and then….44 miles in….6-0 in the puncture game!

The Professional Puncture Mender:

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And the Loser in the Puncture Game (6-0 to the Maxas):

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The thoughts of the beach with the children were most definitely shattered – so we can safely say our Rego recovery drink at the end turned into a long pint of lager!!!

But…one day to go…..and little do all those cyclists we saw going in the other direction, know what they are letting themselves in for!!