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JOG2LE trip diary

Trip Diary

We'll be taking a little time out from the pedalling to keep you regularly updated on our progress towards Land's End.

Day 8 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 23:09

Whitchurch to Tewkesbury…

Our welcome into Tewkesbury by both sets of parents.

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Meeting Graham’s Brother-in-Law (Lawrence) with niece and nephew for lunch – with a bit of ‘faffing’ leaving the canal side after lunch!

Leaving our fab B&B…Blog Image

Day 7 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 22:59

Slight error on Day 6 photos – they were our photos from Gretna to Lancaster! These are the photos from Lancaster to Whitchurch (Day 7) – how could we forget the day of the puncture!?

The Puncture and David to the rescue!

Our mid-morning break on the A6 before the puncture…

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Do Good Leaving the B&B – yes he made it half way! Although he has been hitch hiking in the Support Car – Woof!

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Day 6 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 22:45

A little late…but here are some of the photos from Lancaster to Whitchurch:-

Leaving the B&B? on Day 6 – is that rain?

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We’ve made it across the border!

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Oh! No! The bottom of Shap…

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We made it to the top of Shap!

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Day 9 – Whitchurch to Tewkesbury: Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 10:06

Well what can we say – our first day of sunshine!! What superb weather and we are now sporting the cyclists tan?!

After an emotional farewell from our parents (well our mothers!) we set off in fine weather…..

Our highlight has to be reaching a top speed of 40 miles an hour, and we weren’t breaking the speed limit! Though the hills that allowed us to reach this fabulous speed did slow our average speed – only 16 miles an hour today! We are hoping for better over the moors tomorrow (Tuesday)?!

Our other highlight – or stress – has to be negotiating Bristol. It has to be our worst city so far. Cleats and traffic just don’t go together! As a result Jeremy fell off twice and Graham had an altercation with a white van man!

And as for the grime induced panda eyes when we took off our glasses – well that says it all!

The final highlight was most definitely being welcomed in by our wives and children – however after the initial elation, reality sunk in that any routine we had was most definitely going to be different. Although it may take some getting used to we wouldn’t have it any other way!

After having shared everything together for the last 10 days we did manage to share a combo starter at the meal last night – how sad?!

Apologies for lack of photos, but we have enlisted Mitch’s help and all will be rectified this evening – watch this space……