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JOG2LE trip diary

Trip Diary

We'll be taking a little time out from the pedalling to keep you regularly updated on our progress towards Land's End.

Our Thanks….

Progress Reports! Posted on Fri, July 25, 2008 11:11

……to absolutely everyone who has supported us…..

We could not have done this without you!

Watch this space for a summary of our journeys highlights with Top 5 categories, ranging from Top 5 B&B’s to Top 5 Scary moments!

The Final Day – Lands End!

Progress Reports! Posted on Fri, July 25, 2008 11:05

We can’t believe it – the last day!

Leaving the Premier Inn to a grand farewell from our Pit Crew (and Do Good!)

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It had got to go well – there were no punctures before we started this morning and we were taking no risks coming out of St. Austell and asked at least 5 people if we were going in the right direction!

Well, what can we say…no punctures, no falling off, no getting lost, no rain! We were storming along…..

…4 hours in with only a short break…we only had 12 miles to go!

The photo to prove it! (Or the thief returns the bikes with 12 miles to go! ….only joking – we have cycled it all and don’t we know it!)

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At 4 miles to go we passed Graham’s parents in a lay-by who frantically waved us on and then were passed by our wives and children in the cars as they caught us up. They had been planning their time on our previous days events and nearly didn’t beat us to the finish line!

The approach to the Finish line and finally crossing the Finish line! Yippee!!!!

14:05 we landed!

Our welcome in from the Pit Crew…

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Champagne celebrations….

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And the final photo at the Lands End signpost – we actually did it! What are we going to do tomorrow…….?

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And who could forget Do Good?

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And finally we had a fantastic celebration dinner at the Lugger Bistro in Porthleven – one to look up if you are ever in the area. And our thanks to David Richards for allowing us to toast our amazing achievement in true winning style!

Day 11 – Okehampton to St Austell: Highlights with Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Thu, July 24, 2008 10:18

After fixing the first puncture and changing the whole tyre and inner tube of Graham’s bike, in the car park of the Travel Lodge at Okehampton before we had even left, we thought that would be it for the day!…but oh! no!…..

So far that was 4 punctures in less than 48 hours – some going! It’s now 4-0 to the Maxas on the puncture game!

The Banks and Maxas Pit Crews:

We started on the A30, but decided it was too dodgy and could risk another puncture so we came off to the side roads – and the hills!

Photo looking back at the A30…

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Then guess what…5-0 in the puncture game! Yes, Graham had another puncture. The support crew was dutifully despatched – fortunately they hadn’t made it to the beach yet, but repairing inner tubes to background noise of protesting children isn’t much fun! – for everyone!

Jeremy’s minor mis-hap was removing part of his mud-guard, but this is just a sympathy vote as he is losing in the puncture game!

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The support crews were then despatched, but not the beach! They were on a mission to Launceston to find a cycle shop for, guess what?…new inner tubes and tyres – just in case! They did find a fantastic Cycle Shop – Launceston Cycles! Who are all geared up for the Lands End to John O’Groaters – the children signed the support driver log book – well drew great pictures apparently! and even collected donations! Well done guys!

And then good news…we made the last County!

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After a quick lunch stop we then motored onto the dreaded A30 to Bodmin and then….44 miles in….6-0 in the puncture game!

The Professional Puncture Mender:

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And the Loser in the Puncture Game (6-0 to the Maxas):

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The thoughts of the beach with the children were most definitely shattered – so we can safely say our Rego recovery drink at the end turned into a long pint of lager!!!

But…one day to go…..and little do all those cyclists we saw going in the other direction, know what they are letting themselves in for!!

Day 10 – Bridgewater to Okehampton: Highlights with Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Wed, July 23, 2008 10:43

Today has got to be the best weather wise – beautiful sunshine, so we are topping up our cyclists tans!

We also gained our new pit crew – so faffing took on a new meaning this morning…

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Today was also our shortest route so far, so it should have been our quickest day and a lovely afternoon with our families!!! Not the case…..

It did start well – a tough but very enjoyable climb up the B3170 into Devon – it was a cross between Glencoe and Shap and all to avoid the M5 – but we did shake hands at the top and felt very motivated!

Photos looking down the B3170 and the sign to Devon to prove we are getting further South…

Then the hell started…3 punctures and Graham’s wheel falling off. Mostly on the dangerously busy A30 – oh! and getting hopelessly lost in Exeter trying to follow the A30, but avoid the M5 – every turning just seemed to take us to the M5!

Great Photo – Cyclist looking for directions!

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Our new pit crew had to keep finding us in laybys and search the streets of Exeter with a Tom-Tom – we were obviously just checking the stamina of our new pit crew! But seriously no fun for all – but only 2 days to go……

The day did end well – Sophie and Susannah did a great job (with the help of Janet from the Travel Lodge!) and found a beautiful local Devon pub, with homemade, locally sourced food – fantastic! If ever you are in the area you must look up The Old Thatch Inn, Cheriton Bishop.

Day 8 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 23:09

Whitchurch to Tewkesbury…

Our welcome into Tewkesbury by both sets of parents.

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Meeting Graham’s Brother-in-Law (Lawrence) with niece and nephew for lunch – with a bit of ‘faffing’ leaving the canal side after lunch!

Leaving our fab B&B…Blog Image

Day 7 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 22:59

Slight error on Day 6 photos – they were our photos from Gretna to Lancaster! These are the photos from Lancaster to Whitchurch (Day 7) – how could we forget the day of the puncture!?

The Puncture and David to the rescue!

Our mid-morning break on the A6 before the puncture…

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Do Good Leaving the B&B – yes he made it half way! Although he has been hitch hiking in the Support Car – Woof!

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Day 6 Photos

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 22:45

A little late…but here are some of the photos from Lancaster to Whitchurch:-

Leaving the B&B? on Day 6 – is that rain?

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We’ve made it across the border!

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Oh! No! The bottom of Shap…

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We made it to the top of Shap!

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Day 9 – Whitchurch to Tewkesbury: Highlights

Progress Reports! Posted on Tue, July 22, 2008 10:06

Well what can we say – our first day of sunshine!! What superb weather and we are now sporting the cyclists tan?!

After an emotional farewell from our parents (well our mothers!) we set off in fine weather…..

Our highlight has to be reaching a top speed of 40 miles an hour, and we weren’t breaking the speed limit! Though the hills that allowed us to reach this fabulous speed did slow our average speed – only 16 miles an hour today! We are hoping for better over the moors tomorrow (Tuesday)?!

Our other highlight – or stress – has to be negotiating Bristol. It has to be our worst city so far. Cleats and traffic just don’t go together! As a result Jeremy fell off twice and Graham had an altercation with a white van man!

And as for the grime induced panda eyes when we took off our glasses – well that says it all!

The final highlight was most definitely being welcomed in by our wives and children – however after the initial elation, reality sunk in that any routine we had was most definitely going to be different. Although it may take some getting used to we wouldn’t have it any other way!

After having shared everything together for the last 10 days we did manage to share a combo starter at the meal last night – how sad?!

Apologies for lack of photos, but we have enlisted Mitch’s help and all will be rectified this evening – watch this space……

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